President of the Barbadian Parliament to receive the Ambassador of Cuba.

The Speaker of the House of the Barbadian Parliament, the Honourable Arthur Holder, accepted the courtesy call by the Cuban Ambassador, Francisco Fernández, to follow up initiatives previously discussed with the Deputy Speaker, the Honorable Gline Clarke, especially aimed at strengthening the bonds between both legislative bodies and contributing to the integral development of bilateral relations between both countries. To this end, a draft Resolution to support Cuba in its struggle for the lifting of the blockade was reviewed and there was consensus on the relevance of submitting to the assembly the decision to create a Parliamentary Friendship Group.

The President of the Chamber recognized the friendly and cooperative bilateral relationships, in the context of which Barbados has always supported Cuba in that historical claim, and stressed the importance of raising concertation in the different international forums in which both countries are represented. For his part, the Ambassador highlighted the usefulness of friendship groups, an experience that the National Assembly of People's Power keeps with more than 90 countries, and suggested the possibility of evaluating the approval of this action in the context of CARICOM-Cuba Day, that each year is celebrated on December 8th as a tribute to the establishment of diplomatic relations with Cuba by the first four independent Caribbean nations in 1972: Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago. (Cubaminrex-Embacuba Barbados)


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