President of Austrian Academy of Sciences shares experiences in Cuba

Havana, Feb. 1 - Doctor in Physics Anton Zeilinger, president of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, visited in this capital the headquarters of the Institute of Cybernetics, Mathematics and Physics (ICIMAF).

Zeilinger showed his interest in the realization of research projects of common interest, and to strengthen the bonds of cooperation between the institutions of both countries, after having a meeting with Roberto Rodríguez Morales, director of ICIMAF.

Angelina Díaz García, director of the Center for Technological Applications and Nuclear Development (CEADEN), also attended the meeting, informed the Cuban News Agency Eleonaivys Parsons Lafargue, specialist in Social Communication of the Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies Agency (AENTA ).

He also exchanged with young people about possible international collaboration projects between ICIMAF and the Academy of Sciences of his country, whose capital is Vienna.

Zeilinger is a physicist recognized for his contributions to this science, particularly quantum computing, and his center promotes research related to the humanities in several areas.

Its foundation is included in the Imperial Patent of May 14, 1847 and since 1960 it is considered the main institution in the field of non-university basic research.

The ICIMAF, affiliated to the AENTA, has results in research and scientific and technological services in the field of cybernetics, mathematics and physics, and also manages and executes research and development and innovation projects.

Vienna is the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), with which Cuba maintains five national cooperation projects, linked to key issues for its socio-economic development.

One of them is the training of human resources to assimilate the new technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other noncommunicable chronic diseases.

These include the nephrological, neurological and cardiovascular and its relationship with the aforementioned plans has allowed the training of nuclear physicians and radiotherapists, medical physicists in the specialties of nuclear medicine and radiotherapy, technologists and radiopharmaceuticals.

In addition, work is being done on the creation of facilities for the modernization and repair of imaging equipment, such as Gamma cameras, which will make it possible to have a certain level of recovery without having to go to the provider.

In the case of industry, for two cycles continues the rescue of irradiation technology at laboratory scales, experimental and industrial research, in order to apply for the sterilization of medical products and supplies, and in agriculture to extend the period of food preservation.

(Embacuba Austria)

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