A powerful earthquake of solidarity in Finland against the Yankee Blockade

Helsinki, March 27th. - Today's morning, Saturday, March 27th, marks the start of the World Caravan against the Blockade on the 5 continents. The rejection of the US policy of sanctions against the island is universal, among the governments, but mainly among the peoples who see in the blockade a diabolical mechanism to surrender to Cuba for opposing to comply with the wills of imperialism.

In Finland, due to recently imposed restrictions to control the spread of COVID-19, an outdoor march will not be possible. However, that was not an impediment for friends of the Finland-Cuba Friendship Association (Suomi-Kuuba Seura), the Communist Party and Youth and other sectors, to flood social networks with their profile frames condemning the Blockade, with photos and videos that show your support for our cause and your unconditional love for Cuba.

The removal of the blockade is today more important than ever before the global epidemic of Covid-19. Washington constantly limits the access to the Cuban people of essential resources to fight the pandemic.

The march will be digital in Finland, but the call made by the Europa channel for Cuba, by Associations of Cuban residents, solidarity groups and by TAL will be supported in the Nordic country with the force of a powerful solidarity earthquake that will say: SANON EI KUUBAN SAARROLLE! (I say NO to the Blockade against Cuba).

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