Poems for Fidel

Teheran, November 29, 2017.- The Institute of Strategic Studies of the Middle East, was a worthy venue for the beautiful cultural evening in tribute to the Commander in Chief Fidel, organized by the Iran-Cuba Friendship Association to honor the figure of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, one year after its physical disappearance.
The activity was chaired by the Director of the Association, Hadi Khansarí, the Vice President of the Network of Iranian Friendship Associations with other Countries, Reza Seyedan, and the Cuban Ambassador, Alexis Bandrich Vega. We were also accompanied by members of solidarity and representatives of the Iranian intelligentsia.
During the ceremony, poems dedicated to the leader of the Cuban Revolution were rehearsed and Mr. Khansari and the Ambassador of Cuba spoke. In his speech, he recalled the importance that the Commander always attached to the role of Culture in the construction and consolidation of our revolutionary project.