Permanent Secretary of Education of Jamaica met with First Deputy Minister of Culture of Cuba

KINGSTON, JAMAICA, January 17, 2018.-  Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information of Jamaica, Deanroy Bernard, welcomed this Tuesday afternoon, January 16th, First Deputy Minister of Culture of Cuba, María Elena Salgado Cabrera, who carries out a work visit to this Caribbean island. 

During the cordial meeting at the venue of this ministry, both parts ratified the willingness of both governments to continue strengthening the bilateral ties and the efforts to increase the current cooperation.

Permanent Secretary expressed the appreciation of the Jamaican people for the countless examples of support offered by Cuba, in particular, the presence of tens of Cuban teachers who during these last two decades have worked in all the regions of the country in the noble task to increase the level of education of the people.

Likewise, Bernard reiterated the compromise of his Government to support the projects for cooperation aiming at developing the special education not only in Jamaica but in all countries of the Caribbean.

First Deputy Minister of Culture expressed the appreciation of her delegation for the fruitful meeting and referred to the interest of Cuba to identify areas of collaboration for the benefit of both peoples within the cultural and artistic education spheres.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Culture of Cuba, Kenelma Carvajal and the rest of the delegation as well as the Cuban Ambassador to Jamaica, Inés Fors Fernández and officials at the Embassy. 

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