Pedro is ultimately a star, a star of hope not for only Cuba but for the region and the world

The breeze was scarce as the students anxiously waited for Pedro Pablo Rodriguez to enter the art center. A different aura filled the building, and filled the beings that were seated and standing to hear his presentation. Despite the heat and congested room, the students knew that something big was about to happen. Upon his anticipated arrival, Pedro Pablo caused an outburst of applauses from an expecting congregation of students that were hungry for new ideas and philosophies. Almost immediately after the applauses, the students went in complete silence to hear the presentation of who they called “the rock star of today.”

As Pedro embarked from behind the room to the front, he was embraced by a wall of images representing Jose Marti (the Cuban apostle) and George Price (our national hero). He could not control his happiness. Upon viewing the wall prepared by Mr. Musa and his students, he felt at home. His bodily reactions could not hide the joy of seeing a group of young men embracing discussions on social justice. When Pedro started his presentation, it was obvious, a man of ideas came to SJC. He did not talk as Pedro Pablo but as the human embodiment of the ideas promoted by Marti and Castro. The students were perplexed by his soft but stern tone of talking and his carefully crafted presentation. Pedro is ultimately a star, a star of hope not for only Cuba but for the region and the world.

I cannot hide my admiration for the students because they took the initiative of embracing and challenging ideas. They questioned and learned. But most importantly they got involved in discussions on the real world. Pedro’s presentation was a great opportunity for them to learn more about the region, its development, history and interconnections.

Thank you for visiting us Pedro Pablo Rodriguez. You are sowing the ideas that will make a positive change for tomorrow.

By Delmer Tzib


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