October 20: Celebration of Cuban culture

October 20: Celebration of Cuban culture

October offers two important anniversaries in the history of Cuba, the beginning of the country's wars of independence and national Cuban Culture Day

On October 18, 1868, the taking of Bayamo by the Liberation Army was begun, and at 11:00pm on the 20th, Spanish authorities signed their capitulation.

Amidst the jubilation and the incessant humming of a melody known by many in the crowd, the story goes that voices called for some verses to sing, and Perucho Figueredo, sitting on horseback, crossed his leg over the saddle, and put the words to music he had composed the previous year. Thus, the national anthem of Cuba was born.

A beautiful day, October 20, 1868 - music, poetry, art, and rebellion united.

Culture and nation were forged. A historic moment in Bayamo, the city that later preferred being burned down to surrendering to the enemy.

To recall these events, October 20 was declared Cuban Culture Day.

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