Oakland joins the U.S. cities that support medical and scientific collaboration with Cuba

Last Tuesday, Oakland became the fifth U.S. city this year to pass a resolution supporting medical and scientific collaboration between Cuba and the United States.

The resolution, presented by Councilmember Dan Kalb, recognizes the capacity of the Cuban public health system and the successes it has had in controlling COVID-19. It also declares that the City Council will explore the possibilities of cooperation with Cuba to fight the pandemic jointly. To this end, it includes the possibility of eliminating the restrictions that prevent the start of clinical trials of the Cuban drug Interferon Alfa 2B in the United States, as well as the elimination of economic and travel sanctions against Cuba.

The resolution was approved unanimously with the favorable vote of the 8 members of the City Council and became the second resolution related to Cuba adopted at Oakland City Council and the 23rd in all the United States. This is a clear evidence of the growing support of the American people to improve the relations with Cuba.

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