NZ/Cuba Friendship Society asks Government to take a stand against blockade


The New Zealand / Cuba Society published a statement emphasizing that, as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the planet, it is time for the New Zealand Government to actively support the UN’s call to the U.S. to urgently lift the blockade of Cuba, that is obstructing the country’s health care system’s ability to fight the COVID-19 crisis.

“Our Government is acutely aware of both Cuba’s commitment to training health professionals in the Pacific and its role in combating the pandemic internationally. Now is the time to stand beside them.”  

“In a particularly bizarre move the U.S. has recently allocated $2 million toward sabotaging the work of Cuban medical teams in Central and South America.” says the message.

Accordingly, the Cuba Friendship Society of NZ calls on the Government to make an urgent representation to the U.S. to end its blockade immediately and to allow vital supplies of food, fuel, and medical equipment to reach the Cuban people.

The Cuban Embassy to New Zealand thanked the Society and all New Zealanders that support the right of Cubans to live free and independent.

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