Niagara celebrates "Taste of Cuba 2018"

Niagara, August 21, 2018. This Sunday, the members of the Niagara chapter of the Canadian Association of Solidarity with Cuba (CCFA), joined in the traditional summer celebration "Taste of Cuba 2018", celebrated in Old Fort Erie, site of historical relevance in the region.

During the meeting, members of the "Che Guevara" Brigade shared with the participants about their experience on the island, while they called a new brigade scheduled for the end of this year. Among special guests, the mayor of Fort Erie, Wayne H. Redekop and renowned intellectual Keith Ellis attended the event, while Deputy Head of Mission, Giuvel Orozco; Consul General in Toronto, Tania López as well as Consul Ingrid Izquierdo, represented the Cuban diplomatic mission. On his greeting to the event, Orozco highlighted the historical ties that link the two peoples and thanked Canadian solidarity with Cuba, especially CCFA-Niagara, for their dedication.

Cuban residents and Canadian friends enjoyed the afternoon to the rhythm of good music and traditional dishes of Cuban cuisine. 

General Consulate of Cuba in Toronto