New Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports of Mongolia receives the Cuban Ambassador.

Ulaanbaatar, December 13, 2017. Mrs. Tsedenbal Tsogzolmaa, the new Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports received the Ambassador of Cuba Raúl Delgado Concepción in the morning meeting in which the working status of the areas of competence of that Mongolian institution. The Minister began the meeting by thanking the Government and the people of Cuba for the constant support and solidarity of our country that in the field of human resource training has been provided to Mongolia since 1963 when the first young Mongols arrived in Cuba to pursue higher education in different specialties. The more than 160 young Mongolians who have graduated during these years, in the specialties of stomatology, medicine, sports, pedagogy, veterinary and other careers, represent the will of the Cuban people to help other countries in an altruistic and disinterested way.

The Minister highlighted in her words the recent approval in the Great State Hural of Mongolia (Parliament) of the official entry into force in this country of the Agreement on the Mutual Recognition of Studies, Diplomas and Academic Degrees of Higher Education signed last May between both governments. This agreement, said the Minister, is a great step forward in the field of education between both countries.

Minister Tsogzolmaa proposed to the Cuban Ambassador to explore the possibilities of cooperation in the areas of pedagogy of pre-school education and education of children's day-care centers, as well as in special education for young people and disabled children in which Mongolia needs to perfect the knowledge of its children. teachers and educators.

The Cuban Ambassador for his part reaffirmed the will of our government to cooperate in this important sphere of work and invited the Minister to participate in the International Congress UNIVERSIDAD 2018 that will take place in Havana next year from February 16 to 19. (EmbaCuba Mongolia).

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