A new leadership for the Cuban association of residents in Barbados ¨Martirs of Barbados¨

Leaders of the Cuban resident community in Barbados ¨Martirs of Barbados¨

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution, on January 6, a fraternization activity was carried out for the Cuban community residing in Barbados, and the technical advisors in sports, together with the Embassy staff. On that occasion, and motivated by the unfortunate passing at the end of the year of Colbert Belgrave, a Cuban national son of Barbadians and a gifted musician who was organist at several churches in Barbados, its President for many years, the new Directive of the Association of Cuban Residents in Barbados was elected, and the necessary generational renewal of that organization also took place.

The new executive is the following:

President: Yaima Payne

Vicepresident: Tania Denny

Secretary: Evelyn Amado

Treasurer: Hilda Quijano

Public Relations: Vilmarys Rodríguez King

Sports Activist: Pedro González-

As can be seen, the new executive was formed mainly by women and several came accompanied by their daughters, which promises a continuity to a close relationship that exists between both countries by communities that have a family background in both islands, fruit of the interaction of centuries between the two Caribbean territories


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