New Cuban product for Indonesian market.

New Cuban product for Indonesian market.

Jakarta, February 11th - Biorat, a biological product used for rodent control,  is going to enter to the market in Indonesia from this year. Thanks to the agreement between the company RCS AGRI SUPPLIES SDN and LABIOFAM ASIA, the registration of this product with the Indonesian authorities was achieved, which will allow its commercialization mainly among palm oil producers.

With the biorat, LABIOFAM ASIA reaches its third commercialization item in Indonesia, where Bactivec and Griselec are already present, both highly effective biolarvicides in mosquito control.

The LABIOFAM company was founded in the 1960s. The current management of the Group is aimed at the production of vaccines and veterinary drugs and has a wide range of biological and pharmaceutical products, currently guaranteeing 97% of national veterinarians drug consumption

Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia 

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