The MSJ condemns the hypocritical actions of the United States government against Cuba.

Port of Spain, January 17, 2021. The political leader of the Social Justice Movement (MSJ) in Trinidad and Tobago, David Abdulah through the official statement made on January 17, condemned the decisions taken by President Trump and his secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, describing them as blatant attacks against Cuba and the Cuban people. He added that Trump has unilaterally declared Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism without a single test and has imposed sanctions on Cuban ministers and other state bodies. He went on to say that these decisions have been made in recent days by the Trump regime that has become a national shame and that has totally lost respect at the international level after the events of Wednesday, January 6, when an insurrectionary mob attacked the Capitol. of the United States while Congress was in session in an attempted coup, all prompted by Trump himself. Follow the link:

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