Mr. Trump, #Cuba is an independent and sovereign country. #Cubaesnuestra

Mr. Trump, #Cuba is an independent and sovereign country. #Cubaesnuestra

Today's speech by US President Donald Trump on his administration's policy towards Cuba was offensive, politically incorrect, historically manipulated and completely divorced from the will of the majority of the US citizens and the Cuban-American community.

Mr. Trump, you have no right to speak on behalf of the Cuban people. How dare you refer to health and education...the very same rights that you deny to your own countrymen? In Cuba, health and education enjoy universal coverage and are completely free. Perhaps, these are the real reasons why your administration will enforce the illegal 58 years-old blockade against a neighbouring small island developing state, contradicting the will of the international community.

#Cuba is an independent and sovereign country since January 1st., 1959. Heard about Batista? The worst advice you could have gotten and taken from your shortsighted advisors is to treat #Cuba as a colonial property. Respect the human rights in the US and quit trying to deviate the attention from your own domestic mess.

Your speech today only pleases a minority of Cuban-americans that have no interest whatsoever in improving the relations between our two nations. Make no mistake, #CubaEsNuestra, Mr. Trump.

Héctor Conde Almeida

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