Minister of Industry, Commerce , Agriculture and Fisheries of Jamaica meets with Cuban trade delegation

KIMGSTON, JAMAICA,  April 18, 2018.- The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries of Jamaica,  Audley Shaw, welcomed last Monday afternoon, 16th April, a representation of the large Cuban trade mission visiting this country.

During the meeting, held at the venue of the referred ministry, the parts coincided to express the interest to stimulate the commercial exchanges for the benefit of both peoples. 

Minister Audley Shaw explained that his government, through JAMPRO, institution that promotes exports and investment, work to identify areas that make possible the increase of the bilateral exchanges as well as the technical support in spheres of interest like sugar industry and tourism. 

The Cuban Ambassador, Ines Fors Fernandez, referred to the efforts carried out by both countries´ trade representatives and who follow up on the previous visits to both Cuba and Jamaica. Fors Fernandez also highlighted the permanent participation of Jamaica in Havana International Fair during the last ten years. 

The Cuban trade mission that visits Jamaica is compossed by representatives from eleven Cuban enterprises or groups of enterprises and the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba. The mission falls within the conext of the celebration of Expo Jamaica 2018, fair that showcases the principal products and services offered by this sister Caribbean nation. 

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