Minister of Health of Kenya received a delegation from the Cuban MINSAP.

Nairobi, June 8. Sicily K. Kariuki, Minister of Health of Kenya, received today in Nairobi the delegation of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba, led by Dr. Jorge Delgado Bustillo, deputy director of the Central Unit of Medical Collaboration, who brought a message from his Cuban counterpart, Dr. Roberto Morales Ojeda.

Dr. Delgado accompanied the first batch of Cuban medical specialists who arrived in Kenya on the night of June 5, in compliance with the collaboration agreement signed between the two Ministries of Health and which opens an unprecedented page in bilateral relations. During the friendly meeting, the current state of medical collaboration was reviewed and guidelines for future strengthening were drawn up.

The Administrative Secretary of the Health Cabinet, Rashid Aman (First Vice Minister) and other leaders of that Ministry participated in the meeting. On the Cuban side were Ambassador Ernesto Gómez Díaz, and Dr. Damodar Peña Pentón, Chief of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Kenya.

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