Minister of Energy of Barbados to evaluate cooperation with Cuba.

Barbadian Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Wilfred Abraham, received the Cuban Ambassador Francisco Fernández, to evaluate modalities of implementing bilateral cooperation, particularly in the field of energy from renewable sources and noted that his government identifies this area as one of the strategic ones to recover the economy of the country and advance in the sustainable economic growth. For his part, the Cuban diplomat welcomed that this friendly meeting took place, recognizing that both countries are striving to find combined solutions through which renewable sources contribute to reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Minister Abraham, who was accompanied by the chief project analyst, Bryan Haynes, explained that his country's strategic perspective is one day to generate all energy from renewable sources, which recognizes that it will require a strong national and foreign investment approach; in that regard, he conceives the probable communion of interests with Cuba from the experience of both countries in the development of solar and wind energy.

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