Miguel Díaz-Canel: Africa can always count on Cuba

Miguel Díaz-Canel: Africa can always count on Cuba

Havana, May 25-  The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, stated on Africa Day that this continent can always count on the island.

The president tweeted saying that the Spanish brought from Africa the ancestors of the current generations of Cubans, who returned in tens of thousands, voluntarily, to fight for the independence of African countries.

'Together we shed the shared blood; together we face the challenge of development,' wrote Díaz-Canel. 'Cuba has brought solidarity and brotherhood to a continent where empires have only brought contempt, wars and looting.'

The Cuban Foreign Ministry published a statement reaffirming friendship and fraternity with the countries of the continent, to which Cuba is bound by ties of blood, culture and history.

The communiqué recalls the joint fight against colonialism and apartheid, and development efforts, which have had around 6,000 Cuban collaborators in different areas of services in 32 African countries.

It stresses that nearly nine thousand scholarship holders from Africa are pursuing higher education in Cuba, and thanked the unanimous support of the governments, leaders, organizations and peoples of Africa in the fight against the blockade.

(Cubaminrex-Prensa Latina)

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