Miami Commission Seeks to Strike Cultural Exchange with Cuba

Washington, June 13, 2019.The Miami City Commission, has passed on Thursday a resolution to ask the US Congress to veto the Cuban artist recruitments, action against the cultural exchange with Cuba.

According to the document, the federal legislature is urged to enact a law that allows other US states and local governments to ban recruitment of Cuban singers and artists.

The resolution, sponsored by Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and Commissioner Manolo Reyes, also calls on all federal, state and local officials to support the controversial text.

The document questions the importance of the existing cultural exchange between both nations, which is defended by numerous Cuban people living in the island and the United States, and appeals to the pretext of alleged human rights violations to reject such a cultural bridge.

The value of the cultural exchange between the two nations and the respect of the US and Cuban-American public to the exchange creators was proved a year ago during the celebration of the Art Festival of Cuba in Washington DC: From the island to the world.

Such an event, held at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, brought together over 400 Cuban artists residing in the Island or outside of it, such as musicians, plastic artists, theater artists, dancers, designers and antors.

Some of the creators and part of the attending public then told Prensa Latina about the importance of such an initiative and the need to multiply those experiences.


Source: Prensa Latina

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