Meeting on Cuba and Venezuela in the context of TUC Black Workers

UNITED KINGDOM,  7th April, 2017. - As in previous years, the fringe meeting on Cuba and Venezuela was held today in the context of the Trades Union Congress for black people and minorities of British workers.

During the event, supported by Cuba and Venezuela solidarity campaigns, Teresita Vicente Sotolongo, Ambassador of Cuba in London spoke to the audience about an update on Cuba and its workers.

The Ambassador denounced that the US blockade against the Cuban people is still in force, causing problems and shortcomings in the normal development of Cubans´ life, and described it as immoral. Vicente Sotolongo demanded the return of Guantánamo territory to Cuba, which is still illegally occupied by the US naval base in that city.

On the other hand, Marcos Garcia, diplomat of the Embassy of Venezuela in London denounced the ongoing aggression against this Latin American country, stating that the Bolivarian process will endure.

The meeting was chaired by Roger Mackenzie, from UNISON trade union, who reminded that the act was a token of solidarity with both Latin American countries. (Embacuba United Kingdom)

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