The Leader of the Opposition receives the Cuban Party delegation visiting Barbados.

The Leader of the Opposition in the Barbadian Parliament, Mia Amor Mottley, received the delegation chaired by comrade José Ramón Balaguer Cabrera, member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and head of the Department of International Relations, within the framework of his visit to the country to celebrate 45 years of bilateral diplomatic relations. The political leader of the Labor Party of Barbados (BLP) invited four other parliamentarians from her caucus and two candidates, most of whom accompanied her on her visit to Cuba in 2015. For his part, party leader and member of the Cuban Parliament was accompanied by Idalmis Brooks, an official of the department, and Cuban Ambassador Francisco Fernández.

Mottley extended a warm greeting to the Cuban delegation and stressed the importance of the presence of Balaguer in his country, whom he thanked for the attention received in his last visit to Cuba. In this context, she expressed the high political significance for BLP that PCC has maintained a close working relationship, both when he is in charge of the government and when he is in opposition.

On the other hand, she mentioned several areas of cooperation in which her Party would work with Cuba if it reaches the government in the next elections, in the areas of health, education, science, culture, energy and agriculture, in all of which there is accumulated experience that would be useful for Barbados. One aspect that he considers essential is to take the necessary actions to guarantee employment to the Barbadians graduated in Cuba and who can contribute to the national public health without having to emigrate to other islands. Another important line would be to improve economic-commercial relations and make the most of the facilities offered by existing agreements, such as the one for the reciprocal promotion and protection of investments and the double taxation with mutually beneficial tariff preferences.

Comrade Balaguer thanked the fraternal reception and ratified the will of his party and government to maintain and improve relations of cooperation with the members of the BLP, no matter if they are in the government or in the opposition, since history has shown that friendship deep has helped to solidify the relations between the two sister nations. He also stressed that political cohesion is now more necessary than ever to advance regional integration. Finally, he thanked the demonstrations of solidarity with the Cuban Revolution, in particular the tireless struggle of his people for the unconditional lifting of the blockade.

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