Latin version of the Emirati National Anthem: an initiative of a Cuban musician living in Dubai

A very special production of the United Arab Emirates National Anthem was recently launched on social media, made from a classic original arrangement that has been fused with Hispan American instruments and genres.

The project arose from the personal initiative of the Cuban musician based in Dubai, Gilberto Otero Moncada, who shared with the Colombian producer and musician Oscar Martínez. 35 Latin artists participated, among them Cubans Aris Castro, Tonatiut Isidrón, Ludys Hernández, José Ramón Núñez, Alexander Amoros, Leysdel Hernández and Claudia Vega, besides Moncada. The objective, in the first place, was to convey the support and gratitude of the community of Latino artists based in the UAE to the efforts made by the government of this country to contain and confront the current Covid-19 pandemic and, at the same time, send a message of hope.

The artists managed to mix varieties of rhythms from our continent without breaking with the most original version of the Emirati Anthem. "In this version we can hear Cuban son, Mexican rancheras, sounds of Andean quenas, Peruvian cajon and even a base of Jamaican reggae, among other sounds of classic instruments such as flute and violins", explains Moncada and adds:  

“Everything was done from our homes, respecting the #StayAtHome. We could wait for an important date to release it but we decided to do it now, in the midst of the battle against Covid-19, our biggest daily challenge. ”


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