Labiofam representatives hold meeting with Iranian company in the sector.

Tehran, February 9, 2020. Concluded its successful participation in the 4th edition of the IRAN EXPO 2020 fair, the delegation of the Labiofam business group present in Tehran since February 4, held a fruitful exchange with company executives this morning of Iranian Nasr Pharmaceutical, who have been closely following the interest of cooperation with this Cuban business group.

During the fraternal meeting, Lirka Rodríguez, Quality Director of the Business Group and Haymee Santos, Commercial Specialist of Labiofam SA, presented to their counterpart detailed information on the research and production lines developed by Labiofam, as well as business opportunities and investment open to foreign companies.
The meeting gave continuity to the common interest of moving towards effective and mutually advantageous cooperation.

Nasr Pharmaceutical is one of the largest manufacturers of sterile injectable drugs in the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Middle East. It started operating at the end of 1996. The company takes advantage of the professionalism of its staff and highly modern facilities and equipment based on GMP instructions and high international standards. Nasr Pharmaceutical works under the supervision of the Veterinary Organization and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Persian nation.

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