Kuanza Program dedicated to the Cuban Revolution and the Independence of Haiti in Barbados.

The Coalition of Pan-Africanist Organizations, which in Barbados is an active part of the Solidarity with Cuba Movement, dedicated the last day of its annual Kwanza program to celebrate the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution and the new anniversary of the Independence of Haiti. Led by Panafricanist David Denny, President of the Barbados-Cuba Friendship Association, political-cultural activity took place in the community of Haynesville. The speakers were lawyer David Comissiong, President of the Pan-African Caribbean Network, who highlighted the merits of the Cuban Revolution led by its historical leader, Fidel Castro and the significance of the Haitian Revolution, the first victorious in our continent. The Baptist reverets Onkphra Wells, President of the Coalition, and John Howell, after a libation to remember the heroes of our ancestors, established the historical Afro-Caribbean unity and the challenges of our societies currently guided by the example of both revolutions.

The Venezuelan Ambassador, Francisco Pérez, read two solidarity messages issued by President Nicolás Maduro highlighting the Cuban triumph, the legacy of Fidel continued by Raúl, as well as the high significance of the Haitian race led by Toussaint Louverture, to merge both milestones in the thought of the Liberator Simón Bolívar and of the Apostle José Martí with his projection of independence from Latin America and the Caribbean. For his part, the Cuban Ambassador, Francisco Fernández, highlighted the gigantic work of the revolutionary since the beginning of the wars for independence until its concretion in the political and socioeconomic transformation of the island, with its internationalist legacy with the developing countries, particularly with Africa and the Caribbean.

Alternated with the speeches excellent cultural presentations by young artists of that community, which boasts the presence of 3 medical graduates of the ELAM, with demonstrations of music, poetry and dramaturgy, in which also participated consecrated artists, one of them graduated in Cuba, and the poet-writer Winston Farrell, who recently presented one of his books to the Casa de las Américas Literary Contest.

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