Kenya's Health Minister heads delegation to "Cuba-Salud 2018"

Nairobi, April 23. Following an invitation from the Cuban Minister of Public Health, Dr. Roberto Morarles Ojeda, the Secretary of the Cabinet (Minister) for Health, Mrs. Sicily K. Kariuki, heads the delegation of Kenya to the International Convention and Trade Fair for Health "Cuba -Health 2018 ", to be held in Havana from 23 to 27 April.

The large visiting delegation is also composed of members of Parliament, the Governors Council and directors of the Ministry of Health of the African country; who will take advantage of the occasion to exchange about Cuban experiences in this sector and to explain the efforts of Kenya to improve the quality in the provision of health services.

With the visit to Cuba of the President of Kenya, Hon. Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, last March, the cooperation relations between both countries, and especially between both Ministries of Health, received a remarkable boost that will benefit both countries. It is expected that a brigade of Cuban doctors will arrive in Kenya soon.


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