July 17, 2019

Your Excellency Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

President of the Republic of Kenya


Firstly, on behalf of Kenya Cuba Friendship Society (KCFS) I send you greetings and best wishes! 

I also take this opportunity to thank you and your government for strengthening diplomatic and friendly relations between our country and Cuba. This was expressed by your historical visit to Havana a few years ago. The invitation of the Cuban doctors to offer medical services to various Counties of Kenya, and mingle freely while working closely with our people especially in the rural areas is yet another sign of the growth of the friendly relations between our two nations. 

KCFS is proud of these progressive diplomatic developments that tell the World that Kenya is today striving to develop a progressive and independent foreign policy. In fact, this is as it should be. 

Now, as your government strengthens cooperation with the government of Cuba by signing and implementing various bilateral agreements, KCFS that was established and registered in 2003 has always worked to strengthen the people to people diplomacy, friendship and solidarity between the two countries. This we have done consistently and with commitment to our internationalist beliefs based on peace and friendship among people of the World. 


KCFS is proud and grateful that many Kenyans have studied and graduated in various educational institutions on free scholarship programs offered by the government and the people of Cuba. I have personally travelled to Cuba several times, sometimes with big and important delegations, to convey the appreciation of the Kenyan people in this regard. Members of KCFS have often interacted with the leaders and the people of Cuba whenever they visit our country. We always consciously work to promote the globalization of peace, friendship and solidarity among the people and nations of the World. We defend the right of all nations, big or small to freedom, national sovereignty and self-determination. We are vehemently opposed to imperialism and hegemonic policies and actions against other nations.

It is for these reasons that we condemn the brutal and unjustifiable economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed against Cuba by the United States of America. The blockade is a gross violation of the human rights of the people of Cuba. It is meant to destroy the freedom and independence of Cuba and return the country to the colonial and neo-colonial past. 

As Your Excellency is aware, Cuba does not threaten the United States or interfere in its internal affairs in any way. Cuba is a progressive country that only desires peace, friendship and solidarity among human beings. Cuba exports humane solidarity and not weapons and war. Cuba therefore does not deserve the warlike actions perpetrated by the United States against it through the cruel and sadistic blockade. Most of the members of the United Nations and the African Union disapprove the shameful and uncivilized actions perpetrated by the US that purports to be the champion of democracy and human rights in the World.

The US blockade against Cuba has existed since the independence of Cuba from dictatorship and colonialism sixty years ago. The blockade has not succeeded to force the patriotic and resilient people of Cuba to surrender their freedom, independence and humanity to imperialism and colonialism. Nevertheless, the economic, commercial and financial blockade have caused and continue to cause enormous damage and difficulties to the people of Cuba and their development. They are a great stumbling block to Cuba's desire to realize rapid development and social progress.

President Donald Trump is aware of all this, that is why in his fascistic thinking and attitude he and his government have tightened the blockade even more than ever before. I am sure, President Kenyatta, your Ambassadors at Havana and Washington have informed you about this despicable and uncivilized behaviour by a super power nation against as small but resilient nation.

As citizens of Kenya who are committed to the development of democracy, peace and human rights in Kenya and the World, KCFS is writing to Your Excellency openly to request you to condemn the US blockade and blatant hostility against Cuba in the name of peace, democracy, human rights and civilized behaviour. Do this on behalf of Kenyans and for humanity. Let our country continue to be counted on the side of global relations of mutual respect, peace and friendship and not that of hostility, war, hegemony and uncivilized behaviour. Let your government do what is right: support Cuba in all ways possible against the US blockade. This is expected by the good people of the US and the World. It is also reciprocity to the solidarity Cuba has always extended to Africa.

As a good citizen of Kenya I am sending you this open and frank message on behalf of KCFS because I have a right and duty to do so. It is for humanity.

Yours sincerely, 

Mwandawiro Mghanga


Kenya Cuba Friendship Society


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