Jubilee Secretary General received the Cuban Ambassador in Kenya.

Nairobi, February 27. The Honorable Raphael Tuju, Secretary General of the Jubilee political party, received today Cuban Ambassador to Kenya, Ernesto Gómez Díaz, who paid a courtesy call on him, at the headquarters of the political organization.

The Cuban diplomat congratulated Tuju for the victory of Jubilee in the last elections held on October 26, where Uhuru Kenyatta, leader of this political formation, was reelected as the President of Kenya. Jubilee was founded in 2016, after several parties were merged.

During the cordial meeting they exchanged about the current state of relations between the two countries and the challenges that both parties, Jubilee and the Communist Party of Cuba, face in the midst of the current international situation.

Jubilee today has a majority in both the National Assembly and the Senate, and won the largest number of governors all over the country.

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