January 15 - Cuban Science Day

January 15 - Cuban Science Day

A day like today in 1960, during the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Speleological Society of Cuba, in the auditorium of the Academy of Medical, Physical and Natural Sciences of Havana, the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro gave a historic speech in which he emphasized: "The future of our Homeland has to be, necessarily, a future of men of science, of men of thought". This date has been chosen to commemorate the Cuban Science Day.

The Ministry of Science and Technology (CITMA) of Cuba, the Cuban Research Centers and all Cubans commemorate this special day.

In the framework of the new Cuban Economic and Social Model, the strategies and priorities of the sciences in Cuba, include among them the rise of nanotechnologies and nanosciences, the installation of technological parks, the creation of high-tech companies, the need for an agile and timely introduction of scientific results in the production of goods and services, the “Task Life” in the fight against climate change, as well as the implementation of more than 30 national science and technology programs as well as legal updates.

Cuba is among the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean with the highest indicators of scientific development, among them the training of doctors, the production of patents and publications.

¡Congratulations to all hard-working women and men in the scientific field in Cuba!

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