Iraq and its people admire the resistance of Cuba and its revolution

The Ambassador of Iraq in Tehran, Rageh Al-Musawi, paid a courtesy visit to his Cuban counterpart, Vladimir González Quesada, to reciprocate the visit made him the latter on October 4th, in his Embassy.


Al-Musawi expressed appreciation for the warm reception from Gonzalez, who is also non-resident ambassador in Baghdad.


Moreover, the Iraqi diplomat said it was an honor for him to visit the Embassy of Cuba in Iran, which represents a small but dignified country that deserves great respect for its courage and firmness in confronting imperialism. He added that Iraq and its people admire the resistance of Cuba and its revolution.


In addressing bilateral issues, Al-Musawi informed that the accreditation of the Ambassador of Iraq in Brasilia, Arshad Omar Esmaeel, as concurrent in Havana would materialize soon, for which the necessary coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Baghdad were already making.


Both Heads of Mission agreed that the best way to follow up on bilateral issues between Cuba and Iraq, is taking accredited ambassadors in their respective capitals. 

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