Iranian unions condemn the United States' blockade against Cuba and recognize the island's international medical cooperation.

Tehran, May 4, 2020. The Workers House of the Islamic Republic of Iran issued a fraternal statement condemning, once again, the blockade that the United States government imposes on Cuba, while acknowledging the historic struggle of our people against imperialism, and praised the valuable medical cooperation of our country, especially in times of combat against COVID-19.

The Cuban Central of Workers maintains a close relationship of friendship and cooperation with the Iranian Workers 'House, in which their battles in the multilateral field converge in favor of workers' rights and against the aggressive policies of Washington and its allies. Recently, the Cuban Central sent a message to all the trade union organizations in the world, which was well received by the Persian brothers and paid with the aforementioned statement.

The House of Workers of the Islamic Republic of Iran was founded in 1958 and currently houses 6 unions, with around 14 million members.

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