Indigenous Resistance Day was celebrated in Tehran

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Tehran recalled colleagues from diplomatic missions, which also represent the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-Trade Treaty of the Peoples (ALBA-TCP), and the Iranian public in general, to celebrate October 12th, the Indigenous Resistance Day. This event was established in 2002, on the initiative of the late Commander Hugo Chavez Frias.


The Ambassador Vladimir González Quesada and the Counselor in charge of Consular Affairs, Rebeca Fernández Núñez, attended the activity on behalf of the Embassy of Cuba.


The celebration consisted of the exhibition of the Venezuelan film "Eternal ashes" made by director and scriptwriter Margarita Cardenas in 2011, which reflects the lifestyle and ancient culture of the Yanomami community in the middle of the Amazon. This is achieved through a fictional story about the relationship between a mother and her daughter, who have been separated by painful circumstances.


The film was introduced by the First Secretary of the Venezuelan Embassy, Sabrina Guire Zamora, who stressed in his speech the importance of maintaining a celebration like this to preserve and disseminate our rich ancient cultures of our Latin American continent.


After finishing the film’s set, attendees took a family photo and proceeded to enjoy a buffet with several typical Venezuelan dishes.