III International Symposium Cuban Revolution

 III International Symposium Cuban Revolution

The INSTITUTE OF HISTORY OF CUBA convenes history-makers, journalists, sociologists, lawyers, economists, political scientists, professors, researchers, and specialists in scientific and technical information to participate in the III International Symposium Cuban Revolution:”Genesis and historical development”  that will take place on 29, 30 and 31 of October 2019 in Havana, Cuba

The event will be dedicated to the 60 Anniversary of the Victory of the Cuban Revolution and its national, regional and global impact and it will be developed with the objective of creating a favorable mark for the exchange of knowledge that, from the social and humanistic sciences, contribute to a better understanding of the process historical Cuban revolutionary in all its complexity.

The Symposium will be developed in commissions and plenary, and it will contemplate, also, you confer masterful and presentation of books related with the thematic one.


1. The influences in the Cuban Revolution of the thought politics and the main eminent persons' of the national independence revolutionary in XIX century.

2. Revolutionary political movements in the first half of the XX century in Cuba, regional and world influences in these.

3. The interventionism of United States of America in Cuba and their confrontation during the Republic Neocolonial.

4. The process national liberator of the decade of 50 of the last century in Cuba.

5. The internal politics of social justice of the Cuban Revolution. Main measures and revolutionary laws.  Main social achievements.

6. The foreign policy of the Cuban Revolution and their main challenges.

7. Sixty years of development of the Cuban science.

8. The global and regional impact of the Cuban Revolution along 60 years of existence.

9. The confrontation States United-Cuba during 60 years.

10. The Cuban emigration in the exterior, their position regarding the Cuban Revolution.

11. Challenges and political, economic, social, environmental challenges and of all type present and futures of Cuba and their Revolution.

12. The historiography of the Cuban Revolution.

13. The Solidarity and Internationalismus in Cuban Revolution.

14. Conservation and employment of the sources documental, bibliographical and patrimonial of the Cuban Revolution.

15. Validity of the political thought of the historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz.

For more information you can contact to History Institute of Cuba:

E-mail: relainter@ihc.cu; Website: www.ihc.cu


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