The Honorable Adrian C. Forde, MP, Minister of Youth and Community Empowerment of Barbados, receives the Ambassador of Cuba, Sergio Jorge Pastrana.

The Honorable Adrian C. Forde, Member of Parliament and Minister of Youth and Community Empowerment of Barbados, received at the headquarters of his Ministry the Ambassador of Cuba, Sergio Jorge Pastrana, for a courtesy visit in which they discussed various interests related to the possibilities of cooperation between both Antillean islands in important areas of social development.

During the meeting, Minister Forde expressed his interest in knowing and deepening the study of Cuban experiences in the processes of education and reeducation of young people with behavioral problems, or with criminal records; the experiences of cultural community initiatives and professional and technical training; community social initiatives and local social work and praised the achievements of the Cuban Revolution in all these aspects that are known and recognized around the world.

He reiterated his interest in building a bridge of collaborative work with Cuban youth and community work on a local scale and commented on the roots that unite us in the migrations that throughout history have created ties to relatives between the Bajan and Cuban cultures. .

The meeting was attended by the Administrative Secretary of the Ministry, the Permanent Parliamentary Secretary, Yolande Howard, and the Director of Vocational Training of the Ministry and President of the Friendship Association of Barbados with Cuba and Venezuela, David Denny, who holds the Medal of  Friendship granted by the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba, who appear from left to right in the photo, in that order, together with Ambassador Pastrana and Minister Forde.

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