The Henry Reeve Brigade is nominated from Quebec for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021

Montreal, December 2, 2020 - The Committee "Nobel Prize Henry Reeve", created by the Table de Concertation de Solidarité Québec-Cuba, announced today, through a press release, the nomination made in its name by the professor of the University of Montreal, Gilles Bibeau, of the Cuban Medical Brigade "Henry Reeve" to the Nobel Peace Prize 2021.

The Table de Concertation de Solidarité Québec-Cuba, which brings together organizations in solidarity with the island in Quebec, has a long history of supporting the Cuban people and denouncing the U.S. blockade.

In its statement, Table de Concertation recognizes Cuba's solidarity with many countries in the world facing emergency situations. "Since its creation in 2005, the Henry Reeve Brigades have responded to requests sent by several governments to Cuba to help their populations after health emergencies resulting from natural disasters or epidemics. It is pointed out that in 15 years, more than 9000 health professionals who have worked in the Henry Reeve Brigades have carried out around sixty missions in four continents. It is estimated that they have treated more than four million people and saved almost 100,000 lives,". And it is added that: "there is no better time, while the planet struggles with a terrible pandemic, to highlight the selfless work of the Cuban professionals who, between March and November 2020, fought COVID-19 in around 40 countries and territories. For their altruism and solidarity, they deserve to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021.

Press statement of the Table de Concertation de Solidarité Québec-Cuba “Cuban Medical Brigade Henry Reeve nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021”:     

Embassy of Cuba in Canada


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