Heartfelt tribute to the Commander in Chief in Vienna

A year after his journey to immortality, the Embassy of Cuba in Austria, “ÖKG”, the Austria-Cuba Friendship Association and “CubaVa”, the Association of Cuban Residents convened in Vienna a heartfelt homage and remembrance to the Historical Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz. Friends of Cuba, the accredited Diplomatic Corps, Austrian authorities and Cuban residents were present.

Beautiful words, songs, poems, and film material were part of the programme where a committed audience recalled the historical meaning of the Cuban and universal leader as well as his high moral values and ethical principles.

The Ambassador of Cuba to Austria, Juan Antonio Fernández Palacios stressed in this statement that Fidel was a symbol of resistance and dignity who fed the dreams of freedom and justice of millions and millions of men and women around the world. Moreover, he affirmed that being consistent with his legacy, as revolutionaries we will continue his work on the basis of his enduring example and his continuous lesson: one cannot give up on the determination to beat in order to achieve the triumph.

As part of the programme of the event, ÖKG´s President, Jessica Müller made a statement. Poems were recited by Diana Leyva from “CubaVa”, extracts of the “History will absolve me” and some other Commander´s speeches were read by the Austrian actor Ottwald John and committed music from artists Ismar Rivero from Cuba and Marcelo Ramos from Chile was played.

It was an earnest tribute to the Commander in Chief and a pledge to remain loyal to his legacy. 

(Embacuba Austria / Cubaminrex)