Havana to host International symposium on the Cuban Revolution


Organized by the Cuban Institute of History, the Second International Symposium “The Cuban Revolution: Origins and Historic Development” will take place in the capital’s International Conference Center October 24-26. According to MSc René González Barrios, president of the organizing committee speaking to Granma, the event seeks to encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge from within the fields of social sciences and humanities toward better understanding this historic process in its complexity.

Topics to be addressed during the symposium include the historic roots of the Cuban Revolution; the impact of the October Revolution on Cuba and Latin America; the Cuba-U.S. confrontation and regional and global impact of the progress toward the normalization of relations; perfecting the Cuban political system; the work and thought of Fidel Castro; the historiography of the Revolution; and importance of the thought of Ernesto Che Guevara 50 years after his death.  

The event is also being sponsored by the Cuban Academy of Sciences; National Union of Historians of Cuba; Council of State’s Office of Historic Affairs; José Martí National Library; Latin American and Caribbean Association of Historians; Martí Program Office; National Archive of Cuba; Vicente Lombardo Toledano Center for Philosophical, Political and Social Studies; as well as the Autonomous University of Chapingo, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic’s National General Archive and Máximo Gómez Foundation.