Government of Dominica makes important donation to Cuba as aid for damages caused by Hurricane Irma.

Government of Dominica makes important donation to Cuba

Dominica, Roseau, September 15. Dominica's Commonwealth Prime Minister, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit; announced at a press conference his government's decision to donate $ 250,000 to Cuba as a contribution to repairing damages caused by Hurricane Irma.

The Prime Minister reported that he had traveled to Antigua and Barbuda and could appreciate the serious damage caused by Irma to this small island; while adding that officials of his government visited the neighboring island of San Marteen, also seriously hit by the weather. He also stated that he was aware of the damage caused to neighboring countries or islands such as Saint Kitts and Nevis, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Anguilla, the Icacos Islands and Puerto Rico.

Upon his return, the Prime Minister announced his government's decision to provide financial assistance to several of the affected islands and countries as a contribution to the recovery process. In this regard, he recalled the international support and solidarity received by Dominica after being affected by Tropical Storm Erika in 2015. In this regard, he said that Dominica will donate to St. Kitts and Nevis about 200 thousand dollars; to St. Thomas $ 200,000; to Cuba 250 thousand dollars and Antigua and Barbuda 250 thousand dollars.

Cuba and Dominica maintain excellent bilateral relations and cooperation, highlighting the areas of health and construction at the moment. The noble gesture is of special importance, bearing in mind that the important donation comes from one of the less developed economies of the region. Once again solidarity between peoples is present.

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