Governing authority of the religious affairs of Turkey receives the Cuban Ambassador.

Ankara, Turkey, March 19, 2019. The president of DIYANET, the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Ali Erbas, received the courtesy visit of the Cuban ambassador, Luis Amorós Nuñez, at the headquarters of the state institution rector of religious affairs in the Eurasian country.

Both representatives talked about the economic and cultural relations between the two countries, and agreed on the possibility of extending these links.

The diplomat highlighted the positive relationship between DIYANET and the Office of Religious Affairs of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, as well as the cooperation of the Turkish entity with the Islamic Union of Cuba. He commented on the recent approval of the new Cuban constitution and its recognition of religious freedom. He also thanked Turkey for its traditional rejection of the blockade against Cuba and stressed the inescapability of preventing a military adventure against Venezuela.

For his part, the religious leader argued that Turkey's historic position against the blockade also had ethical and religious foundations, and highlighted Turkish support for the legitimate government of Venezuela. He argued that in both cases they relied on the vocation to be with the oppressed. Equally, it meant the positive relations with Cuban related institutions and the interest to continue expanding them. (Embacuba Turkey).

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