¨Good Morning Barbados¨ interview with the Cuban Ambassador on the debate and vote of the Resolution condemning the US Blockade against Cuba at the United Nations General Assembly.

The program hosts with the Cuban Ambassador.

On the morning of Wednesday, November 6, 2019, in the broadcast of the morning magazine “Good Morning Barbados”, conducted by the presenter Cassandra Crawford, she interviewed the Cuban Ambassador to Barbados, Sergio Jorge Pastrana, about the debate and vote on the Resolution of Condemnation of the United States Blockade against Cuba that will take place on November 6 and 7 at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

After the greetings, the interview began with some question about the details of these dates around this issue in the General Assembly, and the ambassador recalled that this is the twenty-eighth time that the resolution is presented to the General Assembly, where It has traditionally had the support of the vast majority of UN member nations voting in favor of the project that Cuba is presenting and that has increasingly marginalized the United States and some other of their allies, but that this time the scenario takes place in the framework of greater aggressiveness of the current US administration against Cuba. There will be a debate that will begin today in the morning and will extend to the morning of the 7th in which a considerable number of nations have registered, and that will subsequently proceed to the vote in which we predict that the majority of the member nations of the organization will vote again in favor of the position of Cuba .

This prompted the question about how this administration that is much more aggressive than previous ones has increased its attack on Cuba, which led to informing how Cuba has denounced that on the basis of a set of lies and false news the Trump administration has reversed many of the steps of approach resulting from a previous government policy change that was promoted on the basis of verifying that the blockade policy had not achieved any of its projected aims and constituted a total political failure. Then it was exemplified that there have been more than 180 measures of aggression and increased blockade from this administration and how the most recent of those increasingly harm not only the entire Cuban population on the island, but also Cubans anywhere in the world, as well as people who wish to visit Cuba as well as many financial, economic and commercial entities and companies around the world that are related to Cuba, due to extraterritorial applications of the US measures that damage the sovereignty and self-determination of both Cuba and many other states .

Afterwards, there was a comment by the hosts about how Cuba has been able to overcome and adapt to survive and grow despite the continued aggression and the question of how the blockade affects people everywhere, which led to the presentation of some examples that show the cruelty and nonsense of aggression, as in the health sector where the example was quoted about unique medicines and treatments that Cuba has managed to produce which are forbidden to American patients, or the difficulties in accessing certain drugs or medical equipment for the treatment of Cuban patients, including children and the elderly. The recent measure to exclude flights to various Cuban cities from US territory, for example, was also mentioned, which does not affect Cubans living in Cuba, but rather relatives who visit them or international tourists who wish to move to various parts of the country, or the measures to prohibit the access of cruise ships that allow many people to visit Cuba and obtain a personal vision of that country, which is well away from the false image that the great international press spreads, were also exposed.

Finally, the hosts asked how the Barbadian public could cooperate with the effort to end this policy of aggression, to which the Ambassador replied that the most important thing was to spread the truth about Cuba and the excessive aggression of the current administration. Recognize Cuba as a small Caribbean island country of 11.2 million inhabitants that has been under attack for almost 60 years by the world's greatest power and that said attack had not achieved any other objective than to make the common people suffer and strengthen the decision of most Cubans to remain more and more firm in defense of their national identity, their independence and their self-determination. Go spread the desire of the Cubans for cooperation and to live in peace with the whole world.

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