Gambians pay tribute to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro

Tributo al Comandante en Jefe en la embajada de Cuba

Members of the Gambia-Cuba Friendship Association headed by its president, Modou P. Grant, members of the José Martí Association of young graduates in Cuba headed by Amadou Beyai, as well as other friends of the island in The Gambia, gathered at the Cuban embassy to pay tribute to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro in his first demise anniversary. The 61st anniversary of the arrival of the Granma yacht to Las Coloradas was commemorated too.

With great emotion the attendees witnessed the documentary "Fidel is Fidel" as well as photos and videos on the posthumous farewell and the tour of the urn with the ashes of Fidel across the island, until its arrival at the cemetery Santa Efigenia.

On behalf of the movement of solidarity with Cuba, Mr. Modou P. Grant asked to convey to the Cuban government and people the assurance that solidarity with Cuba in the Gambia "existed yesterday, exists today and will exist tomorrow". Grant highly valued the important role played by Fidel, his human values, his spirit of solidarity, his example and asserted that the friends of Cuba in his country will never stop supporting the Cuban Revolution.

The president of the association José Martí of young graduates in Cuba expressed, on behalf of his colleagues and relatives, the eternal gratitude to Fidel and Cuba for the possibility given to them to become professionals at the service of their country, as well as the admiration, the respect and affection they feel towards the Cuban leader and the island.

Other speakers took the floor to highlight the historical legacy of the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, the role played by the leader of the Cuban revolution in the emancipation of the Africa, the disinterested aid of Cuba to other peoples of the world and the example the island represents for all African continent and the rest of the world.

The Cuban ambassador to The Gambia, highlighting the importance and the legacy of Fidel, underlined how difficult is to find the exact words to describe the real dimension and historical significance of a giant as Fidel.

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