Fundraising campaign launched from Canada to help Cuba fight COVID-19.

Fundraising campaign launched from Canada to help Cuba fight COVID-19.

Ottawa, April 29, 2020 - The campaign, launched by the Canadian Network of solidarity with Cuba (Canadian Network on Cuba/CNC) to help the Caribbean island fight the COVID-19 pandemic, has already raised more than 25,000 Canadian dollars until this Wednesday.

His coordinator, Keith Ellis, professor emeritus of the University of Toronto, said that “so far there has been no new hurricane, no earthquake, no tornado affecting our dear Cuba. But there has been a combination of two things: a plague and an intensification of the viciousness of panicked imperialism.
This combination is compelling friends of Cuba to take some urgent action to help Cuba to alleviate the burdens being piled onto the island”. With these words, he has called on the international community to show solidarity with our country. 

When announcing the fundraising campaign, the members of CNC emphasized the damage caused to the Cuban people by the inhumane and genocidal US blockade, while recognizing that, despite this, Cuba is on the front line of the fight against COVID-19 with 24 "Henry Reeve" brigades in 23 countries and the development of treatments to combat the pandemic that plagues the world.

The associations of Cubans resident in Canada have joined the campaign of CNC to contribute with donations and the promotion of solidarity with Cuba within the community in this country.

To disseminate and expand the scope of the campaign, its organizers will hold a web seminar entitled "Shedding Light on Cuba's Medical Solidarity: Raising Funds to Help Cuba's Struggle against COVID-19 around the world", on May 9 at 7:00 pm Cuban time.

To find out more about this campaign of solidarity with the people of Cuba, you can visit:

Embassy of Cuba in Canada


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