Friends of Cuba protested against the blockade in front of the United States Embassy.

Wellington, July 26- Convened by the New Zealand-Cuba Friendship Society, a protest was held in Wellington on July 26 before the United States Embassy, ​​in which participated members of the Society, union leaders, communist activists and other friends of Cuba.

The protesters demanded an end to the blockade against Cuba and asked the New Zealand government to take a more active position in this regard, beyond supporting each year our resolution at the United Nations. There were also signs of solidarity with Venezuela.

Speakers were Gillian Magee (CFS Wellington Sec) Mike Treen (United Union / Auckland Global Peace and Justice), Kat Baskin (Hotel Workers Union / NCPA) and Mike Williams (Maritime Union).

To all those who defend the right of Cubans to decide their own future, we thank them for their active solidarity.


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