Fidel: Undisputable world leader

On November 29, 2016, a massive cultural political event was held in the José Martí Revolution Square in Havana, in which a posthumous tribute was paid to the leader of the Cuban Revolution. Many statesmen evoked the imprint of Fidel beyond the borders of Cuba that maintains all the validity five years after his physical departure.

Evo Morales Ayma, then President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia: Fidel not only guarantees education and health for Cuba. He brought many peoples of the world out of illiteracy and with health he did miracles to the most humble of the world. "

"Fidel put Cuba on the world map, fighting against the empire's greed and the world recognizes Fidel as an unattainable epic in these times and it will be for all humanity."

“Latin America and the world cannot be understood in the 20th century without Fidel or without Cuba. Fidel and Cuba changed the world. (….) "

Enrique Peña Nieto, then President of Mexico: "Without doubt, Fidel Castro was the builder of revolutionary Cuba, but even more so, he was one of the emblematic figures of the second half of the 20th century."

“Today the world remembers the life, work and trajectory of Fidel Castro. (…) "

Majid Ansari, then Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. "(….) A person whose name in the world is recognized not only as a Cuban fighter and independence fighter, but also as a revolutionary thinker and a liberator for all the peoples of Latin America and for the oppressed of the world."

Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica and President Pro Tempore of CARICOM: “Comrade Fidel's fervor in his battle against colonial rule and oppression transcended the borders of his beloved Cuba. His interventions in Mozambique and in the Angolan war changed the course of the history of these two former Portuguese colonies and played a defining role in the struggle to rid South Africa and the African continent from the scourge of apartheid. "

“Without a doubt, comrade Fidel was one of the political and iconic giants of the second half of the 20th century. Fidel joins the group of distinguished brothers and freedom fighters, including Yasser Arafat and Nelson Mandela, whose resistance and determination represented sources of encouragement for their peoples. "

Viachesalav Volodin, then president of the new State Duma of Russia: "Fidel, your strength and faith have been examples for many countries and peoples of the world in the struggle for freedom and the right to choose their sovereign path of development."

Abdelkader Ben Salah, then President of the Algerian Council of the Nation: “We bid farewell to an international symbol of struggle and resistance, who with his example inspired the struggles of peoples around the world for independence, freedom, justice and the dignity."

"Alexis Tsipras, then Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic:" Fidel ... also leaves a valuable legacy to all peoples, because he inspired political and social changes in Latin America, created the bases for a new era of regional integration and the conditions for peaceful coexistence and cooperation between Cuba and the West. "

Victor Sheiman, special envoy of the Republic of Belarus: “The personal contribution of this man to the safeguarding of social justice and civil equality is enormous, not only in Cuba, but throughout the world. The revolutionary actions of the freedom fighters, led by Fidel, eventually transformed into a large-scale liberation movement at the regional and world levels. His own life and the spiritual legacy of the fervent Commander, became a point of reference for many fighters for the freedom of their peoples. "

Emir father Hamad bin Jalifa Al Thani, representing the State of Qatar: “(…) He maintained an unshakable faith in the right of the peoples to self-determination, at a time when most of the peoples of the world were subjected to colonialism. He fought for the causes in which he had faith, inspired millions of human beings who lived under the yoke of colonialism in different parts of the planet. He occupied a leading place among the great heroes of the liberation movements in the 20th century. Likewise, he supported the just Arab causes and, first of all, the central cause of the Arabs: the Palestinian cause,…. "

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