Fidel, Fidel, ever onward to Victory! Raúl says


Santiago de Cuba, December 4, 2016.- With a Fidel, Fidel, ever onward to Victory!, Cuban President Raúl Castro expressed the Cuban people´s commitment to continue supporting the Revolution Fidel Castro led for over half a century. A brother of blood and figths, Raúl closed on Saturday nigth the massive political assembly held in the Antonio Maceo Revolution Square, of the Hero City of the Republic of Cuba, Santiago that is from this December 4 the last resting place for the Commander in Chief, deceased November 25 at 90 years of age.

Before the remains of Fifel, les us swear to defend the Homeland and Socialism, and together reaffirm the decision of the Bronze Titan (independence hero Antonio Maceo), "whoever tries to take Cuba will collect the dust of its soil flooded with blood, if he doesn´t perished in the struggle", Raúl said. The permanent teaching of Fidel is that it is possible, that man is able to overcome the harshest conditions if his will to win does not falter, he makes a correct evaluation of each situation and does not renounce his just and noble principles, the Cuban President said in reference to the words he delivered on July 26, 1994.

That is the undefeated Fidel that summons  us with his example and with the demostration that yes we could and yes we can overcome any obstacle, threat or turbulence in our firm commitment of constructing the socialism in Cuba, or whtat is the same, guarantee the independence and sovereignty of the country, he said. In another moment of his farewell message to the revolutionary leader, Raúl thanked the Cuban people for their love, which accompanied the symbolic Caravan that transferred the ashes of the Commander in Chief, which will definitely rest in the Santa Ifigenia Cementery.

In correspondence with Fidel´s will of not to use his name or figure to name public places, or to erect in his memory monuments, busts, statues or other similar forms of tribute, the General of the Army announced that at the next session of the Cuban people´s Assembly, he will present a legislative proposal required for that las will to be observed.