Exposes the achievements of the Cuban woman the Consul in Turkey.

Bursa, Turkey, March 5, 2018. As part of the program of activities to commemorate International Women's Day, the Cuban Consul in Turkey, Mayvet González Fernández, articulated a recent conference on the achievements of Cuban women, with the participation of more than 200 friends and members of friendship associations José Martí and Montañeros de Bursa (Koza), co-organizers of the event.

The diplomat highlighted the participation of women in the different stages of the revolutionary process and their outstanding presence in all sectors of society. She offered examples and statistics that demonstrate the empowerment of Cuban women and their equality with men. She also questioned and condemned the US blockade, particularly the efforts of his current administration to apply Title III of the Helms-Burton Act. Similarly, she denounced the threats of this government to intervene militarily in Venezuela and called to do what is necessary to prevent this aggression.

Later, the documentary "Cubanas, mujeres en revolucion" by the Argentine filmmaker María Torellas was screened, which attracted great attention; and there was a sharp exchange on the situation of women in Cuba and recent events in the country, such as the approval of the new Constitution. This debate allowed the Consul to present basic elements of the constitutional text and the referendum, among other issues.

After thanking González Fernández for her participation in the event, the co-organizers finally presented her with an allegorical commemorative plaque for International Women's Day. (EmbaCuba Turquía).



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