Experts from Indonesia and Cuba exchange experiences in the fight against COVID-19

Jakarta, June 23- In a videoconference held today, scientists and health professionals from Indonesia and Cuba, shared their experiences and knowledge in the confrontation with COVID19, while exposing potential areas of collaboration in health matters, with the purpose to implement actions based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties.

The Indonesian party, headed by the Deputy Minister, Dr. Oscar Primadi, presented information on the containment and treatment measures for the disease, which the Asian nation is currently applying, including protocols associated with case traceability, quarantine, drug distribution and transmission community.

The Cuban part, represented by Dr. Ileana Morales, National Director of Science and Technological Research of MINSAP; Doctor Rolando Pérez, Director of Research at Biocubafarma; CIGB researchers and intensivist doctors who participated in the Cuban protocols against this disease shared information on the management of the coronavirus on the Island.

Dr. Morales highlighted the fundamental role played by the base structures in Cuba, such as the figure of the family doctor and nurse, a pillar of the primary care system in the country in providing timely care to the population; the follow-up protocol for patients at risk, in nursing homes and maternity homes; early preparation of the isolation centers in each territory, as well as the reinforcement of prevention measures and international sanitary control at the points of entry into the national territory.

For his part, Dr. Rolando Pérez, said that in the fight against the current Pandemic, several Cuban biotechnological products showed a high range of effectiveness in infected patients. He also highlighted the potential of recombinant human interferon alpha 2B, a leading product of biotechnology from the Island, of monoclonal antibodies, Heberferon and the immunomodulatory peptide, Jusvinza.

The Cuban ambassador to the Asian nation, Tania Velázquez López, expressed gratitude to both parties for their efforts to promote scientific exchange and bilateral cooperation in the framework of the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. Likewise endorsed that his country could modestly continue to contribute its knowledge with Indonesia, based on the achievements made in health and scientific research, despite facing the longest economic, financial and commercial blockade in history, imposed by the largest empire in the world, the United States, and further exacerbated by its current administration, which hinders access to supplies and raw materials essential for the health of its citizens, even in the current context of a global pandemic.

Embassy of Cuba in Indonesia.

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