Events against the Blockade and Terrorism begins in Cuba


HAVANA, Cuba, Sept 4 (acn) The event called Tenemos Memoria (We Have Memory). Solidarity vs. Blockade began on Monday in Havana with a tribute to the memory of Italian Fabio Di Celmo, victim of a terrorist attack with a bomb that was placed at Havana's Hotel Copacabana 20 years ago.

Promoted by the Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, ICAP, the initiative will extend until the upcoming vote at the UN General Assembly of Cuba's Resolution against the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington against the Cuban people for over half a century.

According to a note published on ICAP's website, dozens of actions on the island and other parts of the world mainly focused in denouncing the hostile policy which is the main obstacle in the country's development.

There will also be activities related to the Solidarity with Puerto Rico and those included in the programs of the International Brigade Por los Caminos del Che and Italian Gino Done in October.

An activity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Inter-Religious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) known as Pastors for Peace, in addition to the race-walk against the blockage across the country will also be held.

The bloody coup in Chile (1973) and the legacy of former President Salvador Allende will be remembered on September 11th in addition to the terrorist act against the Twin Towers in the US in 2001. The bombing of a Cubana airliner off the coasts of Barbados on October 6th, 1976 killing 76 people on board will also be remembered.

As part of the initiative, work places and educational centers in all the provinces will organize political and cultural activities, sports encounters, conferences and panels, neighborhood debates, volunteer work with youth, workers and students of other nations that study in Cuba.

According to the ICAP note, World Day against the Blockade will be held on each 17th of each month.

The key moment will be the 3rd Event against the Blockade in Washington DC from September 11th to the 16th, where the traditional sit-ins will be contemplated in front of US diplomatic representatives and other expressions of denunciations and condemnation of the blockade and the tribute to the fall in combat of the Legendary Guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara half a century ago.

Spain have announced a special event from October 2nd to the 9th while Belgium will have a Solidarity with Cuba Encounter "Che Presente: and the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Initiative Friendship Association Cuba Socialista.

The ICAP report which is seen in the social networks with the presence of
#NoMásBloqueo #UnblockCuba y #CubavsBloqueo.