Evening event for the 94th anniversary of Fidel's birth at the Cuban Embassy in Barbados.

Representantes de la Brigada Médica Henry Reeve en Barbados junto con los Embajadores de Cuba y Venezuela en Barbados, el Embajador de Barbados en el Caribe, David Comissiong y Robert Bobby Clarke en el homenaje a Fidel

On the occasion of the 94th anniversary of the birth of Commander in Chief Fidel, the Cuban Embassy in Barbados convened an evening of remembrance at its headquarters. Due to the current demands of the moment, this meeting had to assume special conditions, which in Barbados apply to any event and so it was that the guests were summoned taking into account the same patterns that have been followed for other equivalent activities in the country in a amount that could be accommodated by establishing distances of more than one meter between all seats, all attendees complying with the hygiene measures upon arrival and the use of a mask as long as they were not speaking into the microphone.

In addition, the event would take place in the middle of the start of the funeral honors for the death of the former Barbadian Prime Minister Owen Arthur, exposed  in Parliament, and whose State Funeral will be held on Friday the 14th. Owen Arthur, who was decorated by Fidel with the José Martí National Order and who built in 1998 the monument to the Martyrs of ther Crime in Barbados and together with Fidel inaugurated it 22 years earlier, on which occasion both also made speeches in a massive act called by the Pan-Africanist leaders and the government of Barbados on emancipation day, at the monument to General Bussa, leader of the largest slave uprising in the history of the English-speaking Caribbean, which took place in Barbados in 1816.

Representatives of the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade in Barbados, the Cuban sports coaches brigade, Cuban graduates in Cuba, the Association of Cuban Residents in Barbados, the diplomatic staff of the Venezuelan Embassy, ​​led by their Charge d'Affaires, Alvaro Sánchez Cordero, of the Movement of Pan-Africanist Organizations, of the solidarity movements with Cuba, Venezuela and Palestine, of the People's Empowerment Party and of the Clement Payne Movement were present.

The center of the commemoration was the video reproduction of the speeches made in the act of August 1, 1998 by Owen Arthur and Fidel Castro, presented by the Ambassador of Cuba, Sergio Jorge Pastrana, who explained to the attendees how those statements enshrined with the other two moments of the act.

After listening to both speeches, the Ambassador of Barbados to the Caribbean, David Comissiong, Secretary General of the Clement Payne Movement, took the floor, who was the organizer of the act in which Arthur and Fidel spoke in 1998, and the only survivor of the speakers of the time, who drew a parallel between the content of both speeches and the current challenges, which provide full validity to the then vision of both statesmen. He then presented Daymarelis Ortega, Chief of the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade in Barbados, with two copies of his book dedicated to Caribbean youth.

For her part, the Head of the Brigade then took the floor to reiterate the commitment of all its members to continue developing the work to confront the COVID-19 epidemic in Barbados in compliance with the greater commitment to the legacy and the work of the undefeated Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution, our Fidel, as a concrete expression of the realization of their permanent work and concluded by saying that as soon as they finish their work in Barbados they will be ready to go to fulfill a new mission wherever they can. the work of this brigade will be necessary, part of an army that does not export weapons and death, but medical care and life. An army not of slaves as some claim, but of free men and women aware of their work as followers of Fidel's vision and work.

Finally, the Ambassador spoke of Fidel's work in Science, evoking the announcement that he made in 1983, just a few years before the Barbados speech we had just heard, of the construction of a new Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, completed in 1986 , current flagship of the Cuban research centers and pharmaceutical industry and that since then has stood out in the production of drugs and medicines that today have been used successfully in all continents in the effort against the COVID pandemic, and a shipment of which had arrived in Barbados along with the Henry Reeve Medical Brigade nurses.

In this way, the dimension of the work and the figure of Fidel and his impact in the Caribbean and around the world was remembered in a simple but very emotional act that could not have the massiveness that we all would have wanted, but that moved everyone the assistants.

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