Even in the midst of the pandemic, the US subjects the UN to financial blackmail

New York, 16 October 2020. “We reiterate the call to all Member States to pay their contributions to the Organization on time, in full and without conditions. At the same time, we must take into account the special situations some developing countries face, which are unable to meet their financial commitments, beyond their political will, especially given the serious impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having and will have on all of us”, expressed Yaima de Armas Bonchang, Second Secretary at the Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations in her statement at the debate of Agenda Item of the Fifth Committee “Improving the financial situation of the United Nations”.

The diplomat pointed out that it is unacceptable that the United States, in flagrant violation of its responsibilities as the Host Country of this Organization, prevents Venezuela, a Member State, to pay its contributions, and it is even more unacceptable that the victim is sanctioned for the dishonest behavior of the criminal.

She recalled that year after year the White House government insists on reminding Member States of its status as the Organization´s major contributor, which is not a charitable action at all: the United States subjects the Organization to a perpetual financial blackmail by deliberately withholding its payments to the regular budget. At the same time, she stated; it allocates millions of dollars to extrabudgetary programs and activities in order to unilaterally control the end use of those funds. 

De Armas Bonchang highlighted that the world is affected by a pandemic that has overstretched the collective abilities, including economic abilities. The United Nations has not been exempt from this, so only the payment of arrears by the Member States to the Organization can ensure that the UN has sufficient resources to help the world tackle phenomena as it is now COVID-19.

Permanent Mission of Cuba to the United Nations


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